This wall light comes with a dual-mode colour temperature. Can switch warm to cool LED via a switch. Has a durable aluminium body. Rustproof and all year round weatherproof.   No wiring necessary and come equipped with long-lasting, maintenance-free LED lights

  • Automatically switches on at dusk.
  • LED lights and battery are design to last 12 hours with a full charge.
  • Simple installation.
  • Energy-efficient solar technology.

A year without electricity Bill. Applicable in the basketball court, garden, square, street, outdoor courtyard

Power 4W
Watts per hour 48W
Max Wattage 50W
LED Type SMD 2835
Colour temperature Dual Mode (3000K/6000K)
Lumens 80/375lm
Battery 3.2V 6400mAh
Dimension  200*200*240mm

Galvani Solar Wall Light Square

3.2V 5.0W
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Usage time
12 hours (Sustain 2-3 days)
Solar Array Monocrystalline
Warranty 1 Year

Galvani Solar Wall Light Square