Light and durable with our full aluminium bollard body. Can absorb a mild energy crash impact versus steel. No worries about high bills and reducing your monthly energy statement while design to look good.

  • Automatically switches on at dusk.
  • LED lights and battery are design to last 12 hours with a full charge.
  • Simple installation.
  • Energy-efficient solar technology.

No wiring necessary and come equipped with long-lasting, maintenance-free LED lights

Power 4W
Watts per hour 48W
Max Wattage 50W
LED Type SMD 2835
Colour temperature 3000K/6000K Dual Mode
Lumens 80/375lm
Battery 3.2V 6000mAh
Dimension  W: 200*200mm
H: 400,600,800mm

3.2V 5.0W
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Usage time
12 hours (Sustain 2-3 days)
Solar Array Monocrystalline
Warranty 1 Year